About HTN


“Haiti: Then and Now” (HTN) is an online venue and platform composing of writers, cultural critics, intellectuals, artists, poets, historians, philosophers, social scientists, etc. The goal of “Haiti: Then and Now” is twofold (1) to engage and reflect critically on the human condition–past, present, and future– in Haiti and the Haitian experience in the Haitian Diaspora, by providing insightful analysis and commentaries, and (2) to link the voices and ideas of Haitian thinkers in Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora.

“Haiti: Then and Now” promotes a politics of relationality, and an ethics of collaboration and reciprocity. The task of our Contributors Our contributors will write critical, interdisciplinary, and reflexive online blog posts, reflections, commentaries, and opinions; hence, they will comment on major or pressing issues affecting the everyday life of the Haitian people.

Our Philosophy

The five-fold objectives that underscores the philosophy of “Haiti: Then and Now” are as follows: 1) diagnose the problem; 2) critique the present condition; 3) foster change and transformation through deep thinking; 4) propose new solutions and come up with new plans, ideas, methods, strategies to alter the present Haitian reality. 5) create new future possibilities and foster a new vision of life and humanity. If you are interested, send us a brief bio and an amazing picture of yourself so we can post on our website.

***Blog posts are welcome in English, French, Creole, and Spanish.

*** One does not have to be a Haitian to be a contributor or join the team; however, we do ask that you are familiar with or at least interested in the Haitian narrative and the Haitian experience, both in Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora.

How to Contact Us

Drop us an email: haitithenandnow@gmail.com

Our blog site: http://www.haitithenandnowhtn.com

Our mailing address:

Haiti Then and Now: P O Box 2731. Fort Pierce, Fl 34954-2731


Professor Celucien L. Joseph, PhD

General Editor and Curator

“Haiti: Then and Now” (HTN)